Every year in August, Dutch and international teams compete in Racing Aeolus Den Helder; one of the largest sustainability races in the world. They will prove that they’re able to sail against the wind. Last year, we had a fantastic winner. Chinook from Canada raced faster than the headwind and has set an amazing record of 113,97%. Which team will beat that record this August?


12th edition of Racing Aeolus
The actual racing days on the Sea Dyke will be on Thursday, August 22, Friday 23 and Saturday 24. It will be for the 12th time that student teams from all over the world will make an effort to generate power from the wind and race their hyper-modern cars. They will bring mechanical and electrical wind cars. The teams are from The Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, Turkey, Germany and for the first time a team from Pakistan!!. Check out the program.

Dyke Den Helder 
The location is the dike in the top of North Holland in a beautiful town called Den Helder. Homebase of the Royal Netherlands Navy and innovative offshore industry. What better place to set a new world record!

Measuring racing time
To calculate the ratio, the speed of the vehicle (Vcar) and the average wind speed and direction during the race over 500 meters dike, is being measured (Vws). The ratio of Vcar / Vws shows how efficient the vehicle races against the wind.

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Sustainability race
In the whole world, there are only four large sustainability races: The World Solar Challenge in Australia, The Dong Energy Solar Challenge Boat Race in Friesland (Holland), The Shell Eco-Marathon in Delft (for cars on fossil fuels, also in Holland) and last but not least The Racing Aeolus in Den Helder.

Check out a short video by Jeroen Noot about the 2015 edition:

Be welcome and feel free to ask a question! Let’s sail against the wind!