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Racing Aeolus Den Helder 2019 results


Fastest Race


Chinook 9                            114.82% (new World Record)


Drag Race


1st           Chinook 9

2nd          Baltic Twin Thunder

3rd          Neo Vento – Spirit of Amsterdam

4th          WinDTUrbine Mechanic Racer


Innovation Award


1st           Baltic TwinThunder

2nd          Chinook 9

3rd          Stormy – Sussex University

4th           NeoVento – Spirit of Amsterdam

5th          REK – Yildiz University

6th           Fibershark - Alkmaar

7th           WinDTUrbine Racer Electrical

8th           WinDTUrbine Mechanic Racer


Endurance Race


1st           Chinook 9                                                           105.48%

2nd          WinDTUrbine Mechanic Racer                           72.86%

3rd           Baltic TwinThunder                                            59.92%

4th           NeoVento – Spirit of Amsterdam                      27.33%

5th           WinDTUrbine Racer Electrical                            29.91%


Stormy – Sussex University                          No results

REK – Yildiz University                                   No results

Fibershark – Alkmaar                                    No results




Racing Aeolus Cup


1st           Chinook 9

2nd          Baltic TwinThunder

3rd          WinDTUrbine Racer Mechnical

4th           NeoVento – Spirit of Amsterdam

5th           WinDTUrbine Racer Electrical

6th          Stormy – Sussex University

7th          REK – Yildiz University

8th           Fibershark - Alkmaar

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