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Who Are We?

Rüzgar Enerjisi Kulübü (Wind Energy Society), shortly REK, is founded in 2011 in Yildiz Technical University, İstanbul, Turkey. The society aims that to raise well equipped people to serve in wind energy industry. The team consist 15 people which are Bachelor degree students in mechanical engineering, TU Yildiz. At the beginning, the society members investigate the race and the rules in Den Helder, after a year, the members made a wind powered vehicle named Bora. Since 2012, we almost compete all of the races in Den Helder and have made good improvements on the vehicle. The last scores of the team REK is shown below.


2012. Bora , not finished

2013. Bora 2, not finished

2016. Pardus, %16 efficiency

2017. Bulut 17, %38 efficiency

2018. REK 18, %76 efficiency


As you can see above, we have made a solid improvement in last three year’s races. For 2019, the team aims that keeping the last year’s efficiency and will go for top 3! For 2019 race, we have made some solid changes like changing blade manufacturing type, whole new hub-nacelle system and some minor changes in powertrain.


We compete in Racing Aeolus because it is really important to be a part of a WPV project and the race, we gain experience and seize a chance to apply what we have learned at the university. After being part of this project, many of team members decide to work on the wind energy industry which is one of the society’s aim.


We think, the race soul in Den Helder is quite important. The communication between teams are perfect and the cooperation with other teams and race organization is quite well. Racing in Den Helder always and will be great!

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